Explore Roblox with MetaHug's Signature Solutions.

Transforming the usual into remarkable Roblox experiences, our services range from game collectibles to fostering vibrant communities. Each Roblox project is a journey of innovation, collaboration, and exceptional design, crafted to captivate and engage.

Our process

Our 4D Vision Process


At MetaHug, we embark on the discovery phase, unraveling clients' needs. Through in-depth research, we lay the groundwork for a project aligning seamlessly with their vision and goals. It's a crucial step where we grasp intricacies, building a solid foundation for the creative journey ahead.


In the Define phase, our focus shifts to ideation, representing the second in our process. Creativity takes center stage as we brainstorm, generating diverse ideas. This dynamic exploration fosters an environment where innovation thrives, laying the groundwork for impactful solutions.


The third step signifies the Develop phase, where ideas crystallize into refined solutions. Through meticulous planning, we transform abstract ideas into tangible designs, ensuring precision and functionality. This stage is characterized by collaboration, resulting in results that seamlessly integrate form and function.


In the Deliver phase, meticulously crafted solutions to come to life, brought forth with precision and expertise. We prioritize seamless execution, ensuring the final product not only meets but surpasses expectations. Client satisfaction is paramount, reflected in every gaming pixel and interaction.

Everyone's favorite

Roblox Mini Games

We specialize in creating games with smaller maps, focusing on quick and engaging activities like races, battles, and survival challenges, to offer players fast-paced and diverse gameplay experiences.
Mini games offer a strategic advantage for brands. Instead of creating standalone games, brands can seamlessly integrate themselves into popular games. This integration injects an extra layer of authenticity and realism into the gaming experience. Players have the opportunity to mirror real-life trends and infuse iconic brand designs into their virtual assets.

The extra mile

Roblox UGC Creations

We craft and upload virtual wearables, designing and modeling them for the Roblox marketplace, enhancing brand awareness through unique digital fashion.

For champions

Game Review/Surveys

Our real-time data dashboard, tailored for your brand, provides invaluable insights from our team of teen experts, helping you make informed decisions for enhanced gameplay and a stronger brand reputation. Meta-Game-Review offers the ultimate platform to solidify your brand’s presence in Game Media. By tapping into the passion and knowledge of our Teen Experts, you can forge an unwavering bond with your audience, fostering unparalleled brand recognition and loyalty. Trust us to help you build your brand’s community, as our Teen Experts understand their generation like no one else. Additionally, we conduct brand product surveys to gather authentic teen feedback, ensuring your strategies resonate with the youthful market and stay ahead of the curve.

For champions

Roblox Community Growth

We excel in strategies that attract and retain community members, enabling brands to engage with broader audiences and build stronger communities, leveraging the appeal of complimentary offerings. Expanded reach, connecting with a broader audience through the allure of free items.  ​Free Limiteds enable brands to engage with a wider audience and establish a stronger community, all while benefiting from the inherent appeal of complimentary offerings.​