A selection of our great work

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Roblox Mini Games

Fashion Week

Fashion Week featured a Digital Fashion Design Competition on Roblox, aligning with Fashion Week's excitement and spotlighting emerging talents in virtual and sustainable fashion. Alongside this, players enjoyed exclusive collectibles inspired by Paris Fashion Week, merging fashion, virtual reality, and sustainability in a creative celebration.
UGC Creation


Our collaboration with Sophiaverse for their UGC Xmas Edition collection was a unique venture into the world of virtual creativity. Our role was to design and develop a collection of five distinct UGC items, tailored to harmonize with the sophisticated AI technology and aesthetic of Sophiaverse. Our objective was to establish a strong presence on Roblox by introducing these items into the marketplace, each crafted to resonate with the platform's users and Sophiaverse's unique design ethos. This project showcased our ability to blend imaginative design with the specific needs and feel of an advanced AI-driven environment, enhancing user engagement and visibility in the dynamic Roblox community.
Game Review 9


For the ChangiVerse project, we undertook an innovative approach by engaging 50 teen game critics to review and experience their new Terminal 2 launch within the game. These young experts played a crucial role in debugging, rating the game, and providing constructive feedback and ideas for future enhancements. Our real-time data dashboard, specifically customized for your brand, captured these invaluable insights. This approach not only improved gameplay but also strengthened your brand's reputation in the gaming community.
Roblox Community Growth

Sentience Quest

Starting with just nine members for Sentience Quest, our unique strategy of utilizing free Limiteds, not as financial assets but as tools for community engagement, led to remarkable growth, expanding our community to an impressive 4,506 members. These Limiteds were pivotal in generating hype and excitement, attracting and maintaining a strong community base. This approach not only garnered media attention and stimulated the creation of user-generated content but also broadened our reach, attracting a wider audience through the appeal of free items. By offering these Limiteds at no cost, we opened up opportunities for more extensive brand engagement and established a robust, active community.